ITM delivers a better service with NotifyMe

We bring you an interview with Monique Martin, who works in Accounting and Finance at ITM. Monique shares her experience about NotifyMe and how it helps her in managing her daily activities. Check it out to find out how Monique uses the software in her work!

Can you tell us about your daily routine at work? How do you organize it?

“Every day I record the employees’ holidays and presences and I approve any holiday requests that have been placed on the internal resources’ software system, with the agreement of the management and coordination. NotifyMe allows me to check the login and logout times of each employee so that we can do weekly checks of the work schedules.
I consult the coordinators to support them in inserting new clients or updating rates for already existing clients. I also work on the monthly invoicing of the work we’ve done, checking and approving suppliers’ invoices and the financial management of the personnel.”

Next question, if you were to advise an Accounting and Finance working for an inspection company, what would it be?

“My advice would be to raise awareness in the coordination office of paying the greatest attention to fully inserting the data relating to the activities inspected and closing them correctly, choosing the applicable rates in a systematic way. And it’s also important to keep the clients’ details updated with their relative rates.”

How did you find out about NotifyMe?

“Before adopting this software the daily work was organized through an Excel file managed by the coordinators which didn’t allow communication in real time with the administration. In this way the end-of-month timesheets were created manually for every single client, which carried the risk of forgetting work days carried out and making mistakes. But today, thanks to NotifyMe, every single activity put on the system by the coordination is recorded and is visible in real time to the users involved while the timesheets are automatically extracted, which eliminates the possibility of making mistakes.”

How do you use NotifyMe – is using our software beneficial to you and in what way?

“At the time of invoicing I analyze the data inserted in the software by the coordinators relating to the work done every month through the extraction from the monthly timesheets. The formats exported from the software are already personalized for each client, using the forms provided by the previously inserted clients.”

Who would you recommend NotifyMe to and why?

“I recommend NotifyMe to everyone who needs to administer client invoicing and personnel management in a simple, precise and immediate way.”

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