6 features you will love about NotifyMe

NotifyMe is a revolutionary software to enhance the coordination and control of Oil and Gas inspections. It has been designed by an experienced group of inspectors and quality managers with the aim to help the Oil and Gas community set a standard for Inspection Management, by making the inspection process more efficient.

With NotifyMe you can put all of the inspection information in a single place and share it with your project team.

NotifyMe features in a nutshell

Whether your organization is a vendor, customer or an inspection agency, there are 6 powerful features that help you communicate, plan inspections and manage documents with ease in a secure and confidential way.

Strong teamwork: Work closer with your project team.

  • Define roles and duties
  • Enhance collaboration within your team
  • Increase personnel commitment

Clear Workflow: Everyone simply does his part.

  • Automate your work processes
  • More efficient personnel
  • Smoother inspection management
  • “Pull Type” manufacturing model based on notified items

Shared Calendar: Inspections are always under control.

  • Automatic calendar updates
  • Plan and check your inspections with ease
  • Keep your team workload under control

Powerful messaging system: No need to rummage through your inbox.

  • Emails no longer necessary
  • Confidentiality control
  • Reduce misunderstandings and errors

Documents always up-to-date: Find the right info at the right time.

  • Centralize information
  • All parties can work on the same documents
  • Keep control of the revision levels
  • Monitor document approval status

Follow-up action items: Resolve the area of concern.

  • Track actions throughout the project life-cycle
  • Manage Non-Conformities
  • Take corrective actions and follow up with them
  • Keep the project team engaged

With NotifyMe inspection schedules and information are always available online and up-to-date. In a single window you can monitor the situation of all of your inspections. Also, you can communicate with all people involved in the inspection process using the messaging system.

NotifyMe helps you avoid wasting time or energy on unnecessary tasks!

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