Product overview

NotifyMe is an all-in-one tool designed to implement business process digitalization and increase internal and external collaboration.

NotifyMe collaborative workflow

Is workflow automation
the game changer of your business?

NotifyMe powers all facets of business execution by eliminating the redundancies of manual processing and by optimizing the business operations. NotifyMe can help to connect employees and business partners all around the world by enabling them to define roles and responsibilities, automate processes, make information accessible to all, and have a shared work plan.

Collaborative workflows

Collaborative workflows

Use workflows to organize the tasks for managing your internal and external business processes, involving users from different departments or companies and taking collaboration to a new level.

Central data repository

Central data repository

Data and documents are updated and available online for your team and your business partners, in a secure and confidential way.

Automated scheduling

Automated scheduling

Tasks are scheduled automatically based on pre-defined workflow rules, helping users organize their daily activities and hit deadlines.

Email automation

Seamless communication

Easily collect all necessary information to start a workflow, and automatically update employees, customers, vendors, and other teams on the status of their requests.

Reporting and KPIs

Dashboard, reporting and analytics

Accurate and organized data reports and KPIs give you more visibility into planning and tracking your internal and external business processes.

Data integration

Data integration

Integrate NotifyMe with your company’s ERP with our APIs, and eliminate manual entry of the data required to manage your business processes.

Transform and streamline internal
and external business processes

Accelerate digital transformation! Help everyone feel in control and on top of their important business process with automated workflows, easy reporting and smart integrations.

Internal business processes

Internal business processes

NotifyMe connects processes and people to save time, reduce manual errors and gives managers the needed visibility to make data-driven decisions.

External business processes

NotifyMe brings customers, vendors, and partners onto the same platform as your internal team, making it easy to collaborate and track a process from start to finish. 

Use workflows to digitalize your business processes

Automated process workflows improve productivity and eliminate chaos. Trade chaotic to-do lists and email threads for clean, repeatable workflows with customizable automation rules, reports and analytics.

Notifyme Business Process Analysis

Browse our standard workflows

NotifyMe provides various solutions with pre-installed workflows that can be customized based on your actual needs. 

Non-Conformance follow-up

With NotifyMe you can streamline all the quality processes to manage defects and deviations, reduce cycle time, foster continuous improvements while meeting product quality specifications.

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Business Use Cases

Find out more and watch the NotifyMe Use Case videos.

Business case use plant / project owner
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“NotifyMe has given us the tools necessary to ensure our reputation continues to be a driving force in our success. Having full control over the inspection process of the products that we purchase is fundamental in my job, and now this has become standard practice. I must confess that when I look for a new vendor or agency, I prefer to select one that already uses

Business case use EPC contractor / manufacturer
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“All activities are already well organized within the software itself. I can keep an eye on the planning of all activities within my company: from issuing certificates, to the preparation of material, as well as checking the availability of plant equipment, and ensuring inspector attendance.”
Business case use inspection body
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“With NotifyMe, I know our agency offers an additional service to customers by making our daily activities more transparent.
I always encourage our inspectors to use NotifyMe, because it simplifies their work and, best of all, the Basic version is free.”

Business case use inspector
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“Now my schedule is perfectly organized. The documents and
information I need to carry out an inspection are always updated on-line, directly from my mobile phone. I just need to access my calendar to find out exactly where to go and
what to do.”

NotifyMe ColFlow TM
Collaborative Workflow Engine

NotifyMe is built on our powerful ColFlowTM collaborative workflow engine and on Business Process Modelling (BPM) methodologies.
Follow up on issues

Event and workflow management

Automated scheduling

Task automation and calendarization

Collaborative workflows

Workflow rules and conditions

Connect companies around the world

Shareable fields and forms

Receive and send emails automatically

Emails to specific addresses


Automated roles and responsibilities

Protecting your data is our top priority.

NotifyMe services are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and fully benefit from its highly secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure.

High Availability

The database is replicated synchronously so that we can quickly recover from a database failure. Additionally, we take regular snapshots of the database and securely move them to a separate data center so that we can restore them elsewhere as needed, even in the unlikely event of an AWS failure.

Encryption of Data at Rest and Data in Transit

On a database instance running with Amazon RDS encryption, data stored at rest in the underlying storage is encrypted, as are its automated backups, read replicas, and snapshots. Web connections to the NotifyMe service are via TLS 1.2 and above.

Data Center Security

Amazon employs a robust physical security program with multiple certifications, including an SSAE 16 certification. For more information on Amazon’s physical security processes, please visit:


Privacy Policy

NotifyMe privacy policy, which describes how we handle data input into NotifyMe, can be found at link privacy policy