Digital transformation

We help clients evaluate their current solutions and processes and recommend the best path forward for achieving their goals.

The challenge

In today’s competitive market, organizations are attempting to implement digital technologies in order to remain competitive, boost productivity and efficiency, and raise profit margins. Digital transformation is crucial – but organisations cannot afford project failure, downtime or security breaches. At NotifyMe we take a problem-solving approach to truly understand and address our customers’ digital transformation challenges.

The solution

According to the Digital Maturity Model developed by Deloitte in 2018, we will look at an organization across five business dimensions to provide a clear and tangible indication of where they are with regard to digital maturity. Each dimension provides clarity on what areas need to be focused on to bring digital transformation to the next level:

  1. Customer experience
    Providing and outstanding customer experience where customers view the organization as a digital partner using their preferred channels
  2. Innovation strategy
    Continuosly improving the way the organization operates through innovation and digital initiatives
  3. Technology
    Ensuring data are created, stored, processed and exchanged securely and effectively
  4. Operations
    Executing business processes efficiently and effectively using digital technologies
  5. Organization and culture
    Developing an organizational culture to support digital transformation

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