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We bring you an interview with Mari Amigoni, Senior Job Coordinator of QSI. Mari shares her experience about NotifyMe and how it helps her in managing her daily activities. Check it out to find out how Mari uses the software in her work!

Can you tell us about your daily routine at work? How do you organize it?
“As far as I’m concerned, before getting to know NotifyMe I had a preference for the excel spreadsheet to organize myself in my daily tasks. So I listed the different tasks that I have to do on a daily (and weekly) basis as a job-coordinator with the dates and the importance. Of course this approach is not very efficient when you have many projects to follow and many colleagues to collaborate with. For this reason, when my Manager presented NotifyMe, I was instantly impressed, and I was happy to find a software that allows me to simplify my usual way of working.

NotifyMe meets all my expectations, it’s both a calendar and an agenda that reminds me things not to forget and that I have to do.”

Next question, if you were to advise a Job Coordinator working for an inspection company, what would it be?
“My advice to a new job coordinator would be to be perseverant. Also to be very organized. We must never give up and always look for solutions to every request, complaint or problem. Having a good organization in your work allows you to be confident about yourself and the quality of your work.

NotifyMe allows this; it is a tool that manages all aspects of the function of job-coordinator.”

How did you find out about NotifyMe?
“It was my Manager who introduced me to this software, and I have to say that it was very easy and very quick to adopt it, because the interface is intuitive and the process of work is guided throughout the software, so that it is less likely to make errors during my daily activities.”

How do you use NotifyMe – is using our software beneficial to you and in what way?
“Yes, this software is essential! NotifyMe is a great software, it is the primary tool for my daily work.

This software is so useful and helps me to keep focused on the instructions received from the Clients, and to transfer them to the inspectors with just one click.

From the arrival of the inspection requests to the submission of the reports to the Clients, this tool allows me to follow the whole inspection process smoothly: there is a calendar where all the ACTIVITIES of the inspectors are listed so, we can follow them from the beginning to the end of their work.

It’s also a database where our clients, vendors, service providers, free lance and employed inspectors we work with are identified, along with all data needed.”

Who would you recommend NotifyMe to and why?
“Yes I would recommend NotifyMe as an amazing organizational tool.

It meets the needs of a job-coordinator in their everyday work. Right now, I couldn’t do without NotifyMe in my work!”

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