IFIS delivers a better service with NotifyMe

We bring you an interview with Adrien Djamdjian, Executive Directot of IFIS. Adrien shares his experience about NotifyMe and how it helps him in managing his daily activities. Check it out to find out how Adrien uses the software in his work!

Can you tell us about your daily routine at work? How do you organize it?

“My job is to supervise my team’s daily work, planning their activities and managing any issues coming up.”

Next question, if you were to advise an Executive Director working for an inspection company, what would it be?

“My advise is to adopt a specific software like NotifyMe to manage inspections. This software was designed purposely to manage the inspectors’ and coordinators’ daily work.”

How did you find out about NotifyMe?

“I found NotifyMe after several months of searching online for a time-tracking software for our team of coordinators and inspectors. I sat through demos and signed up for trials for a number of other applications, but each failed to meet our needs for reporting and budgeting. Just when I was starting to think there wasn’t a tool out there that did what we needed, I came across NotifyMe in a Google search.”

How do you use NotifyMe – is using our software beneficial to you and in what way?

“By using NotifyMe I am certain that my team’s work is well structured and efficient. In this way, it is easy to supervise their activities, and I still have time to carry out my own work – I can also export amazing business analytics that I use when reporting to my management.”

Who would you recommend NotifyMe to and why?

“NotifyMe has put everything into one place and has been key for multiple levels in our organization, supporting both our inspectors and our coordination team. Overall, NotifyMe has allowed us to get an edge on our competition!”

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