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Document control is an essential preventive measure ensuring that only approved, current documentation is used throughout the supply chain. Document control systems provide the foundation for doing business together in a compliance context by setting the policies, practices, and enforceable regulations that drive project and quality management.

A critical component to any document control system is that documents can’t just be checked in or out; there must be a process of approval and review as well as document signoff – it has to go through different phases of workflow.

Also, ease of access to updates is fundamental in document control: when multiple organizations work together on a project, if a new document is created or an existing document is changed, everyone involved needs to be informed immediately because only the documents in the latest revision can be used throughout the supply chain.

Another critical component of a document control system is the ability to ensure secure data and documents. Organization working together on a project need to make sure that appropriate levels can access, approve, review, and make necessary revisions to the document. A good document control system will have the security in place that will allow the organizations to filter each document to appropriate security levels.

Setting a standard for document control

Most businesses are built on establishing processes and procedures specific to their organization that will help them maintain a high level of quality and compliance. When multiple organizations work together on a project, they need to set standard processes related to document control that are accepted and understood by all parties, to ensure consistent delivery in accordance with the quality requirements.

Here are few reasons why NotifyMe is the perfect software to help you coordinate your document control with your business partners (customers, vendors or inspection agencies):

  • Centralized document storage – NotifyMe ensures that every user accesses the latest version of the project documentation, so everyone can work on documents with the same revision level. Also, NotifyMe makes clear to all parties the approval status of the project documentation.
  • Data security – NotifyMe document control system lets organizations limit data visibility to only what is necessary to the user. With NotifyMe, depending on the access level of the user, the visibility of documents will change. This ensures that an organization can operate in its document control system safely and securely.
  • Standardization – NotifyMe is designed to help organizations with different processes and procedures to effectively collaborate by sharing documents in a controlled manner
  • Easy online access – Updates are made available in real time so that green light to proceed with the manufacturing activities is given immediately.

With NotifyMe, organizations reduce costs due to miscommunication and manual errors thanks to a centralized data accumulation and a simple, streamlined communication process. This help organizations increase the efficiency of their documents management.


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