Eleventh place for the NotifyMe Pilgrim at the J24 World Championship 2018!

The J24 World Championships 2018 ended at Fraglia Vela Riva with an uncertain day from a meteorological point of view and with a strong north wind up to 20 knots.

The final ranking sees four US boats in the first five places, with the silver for the Japanese boat Siesta.

Eighth, but first Italian place, was Kong Grifone2 with Francesco Bertone at the helm, while reaching eleventh, and second Italian place, was our Notifyme-Pilgrim, with Fabio Mazzoni at the bar.

First among the women were the Germans of Derbe Kerle.

The winners of the under 25 category were the Italians of Ottobrerosso with Pietro Parisi at the helm.

Great satisfaction was expressed by our Business Development Director, Gianluca Mazza: “Our strength is teamwork, which is the same feature that distinguishes us in our professional project NotifyMe, a software designed to facilitate the work of all parties involved in the inspection process!”

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