NotifyMe for Inspection Agencies

Imagine a software to enable coordinators to transfer information from the customers to the inspectors with just one click. A software to narrow the gap between the person requesting an inspection and the person who is to carry it out, increasing overall efficiency yet giving your inspection agency full control over the entire inspection management process.

Simplifying inspection management with NotifyMe

NotifyMe helps to standardize the inspection workflow and to enhance teamwork among the people involved. Thanks to the workflow automation, tasks listed in order of priority are assigned to coordinators and inspectors, and also to customers if they agree to it.

Consequently, everyone takes part in the inspection process simply by playing their part and without needing to worry about other people’s tasks.

Also, thanks to the NotifyMe calendar, agencies have full control over the planning of all inspection activities.

Inspection Notifications and information or files relevant to inspection activities can be shared automatically between customers, coordinators and inspectors using the messaging system.

When sending a message using the NotifyMe messaging system, each conversation will be organized according to the relevant job. Furthermore, NotifyMe will also send an email on behalf of the message sender to reach all the people involved in the inspection process even if they are not currently logged-in to NotifyMe.

Important information and documents are always available and updated online in a confidential and secure way. Documents will also show their revision level and approval status.

More visibility and control – more value for your Customers

Customers require inspection agencies to react fast to their requests and to provide timely information about any areas of concern identified during an inspection.

NotifyMe provides your customers with real-time visibility over the work in progress and, most importantly, over the result of every inspection. The Action Items enable the enhancement of the follow-up of any issues raised during an inspection. Punch lists and non-conformities are kept under constant control, and the information is available to those involved until the end of each project, including the coordinators, the inspectors and your customer.


NotifyMe is an innovative software designed to  simplify the coordination and control of inspections in the Oil and Gas industry, as everything is already well organized within the software itself.

With NotifyMe inspection agencies of any size, and their customers take advantage of a reliable and always up-to-date exchange of information. NotifyMe helps them reach a higher degree of control over their inspection management.

Visit our website to learn the basics about how to manage inspections with NotifyMe!

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