Inspector’s viewpoint on NotifyMe

“Hi, my name is Chris and I work as an inspector. In my job I need to be competent, efficient and reliable. It is essential for me to be well-organized and always reachable. NotifyMe helps me avoid wasting time or energy on unnecessary tasks. Poor inspection planning, miscommunication, and emails from worried clients about inspection results were a daily occurrence before.

Now my schedule is perfectly organized. The documents and information I need to carry out an inspection are always updated on-line, directly from my mobile phone. I just need to access my calendar to find out exactly where to go and what to do.

When any problem arises, I’m promptly informed about it thanks to the NotifyMe messaging system. This prevents me from discovering issues at the Vendor’s on the day of inspection.

When I finish my visit I can send a flash report directly to the customer and make him aware that everything worked out properly. In this way, we are all kept in the loop and everyone can rest assured that they will receive my report shortly through the system.

At the end of each month the software prepares my timesheet automatically, so I can complete my administration work with just one click.

Well, by now it must be obvious, NotifyMe makes my daily work much easier!”

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