Customer’s viewpoint on NotifyMe

“Hello, my name is Roger. It’s been a while since I started using NotifyMe.

In the past, as work was moving faster and faster and the requests were becoming more and more detailed, managing the inspection process through email started becoming nearly impossible. I never knew when or from whom I was about to receive an inspection notification. I received emails with incomplete content and at the end of the inspection, I rarely received real-time feedback.

Now, thanks to NotifyMe, I manage the company inspections with ease and I can comfortably access all information through an app when I travel. Important information and documents are always available online in a secure and confidential way.

I started by using the basic version of NotifyMe, but after realizing all of its benefits, I convinced my manager to upgrade to the Pro version. We now involve all of the Inspection Agencies and the Vendors we work with in the process.

The software manages my work and all I have to do is check that everything is proceeding correctly.

Having full control over the inspection process of the products that we purchase is fundamental in my job, and now this has become standard practice.

I must confess that when I look for a new vendor or agency, I prefer to select one that already uses NotifyMe.”

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