NotifyMe for Vendors: a software designed for inspection management

Inspection coordination, planning and control are common activities for valve, pump or flange manufactures. More generally, they are normal practice for all Vendors who supply to companies or EPC contractors in the Oil and Gas industry.

Many tasks must be carried out in order to arrange an inspection, and it is usually necessary to exchange several emails among colleagues, customers, agencies and inspectors.

When the workload is heavy, tasks are urgent and there are many people involved, there is a real risk that mistakes will be made. These mistakes may cause delays, increase costs and potentially damage a company’s reputation.

The risk of mistakes can be reduced by using a dedicated software such as NotifyMe, that allows task standardization, defines a clear workflow and enables a team to communicate and share information online in a more efficient way.

With Notifyme, everything is already well organized within the software itself!

Simplifying inspection management with NotifyMe

Developed under the supervision of a group of inspectors and quality managers with the aim of standardizing the inspection management process and to make it more efficient, NotifyMe is based on a few key ideas:

Enhancing teamwork among the people involved 

The people involved in inspection management are assigned clear and well-defined roles and responsibilities. This way they can communicate and share information with the rest of the project team, utilizing NotifyMe in parallel with the ERP software already in use.

Defining a clear workflow

Thanks to the workflow automation, tasks listed in order of priority are assigned to all team members depending on their role in the company.

Consequently, everyone takes part in the inspection process simply by playing his part and without needing to worry about other people’s tasks.

Sharing information safely and with ease 

All data are stored in the Vendor’s servers or in our Cloud using the highest security standards and the most secure infrastructures.

Furthermore, it is always clear who is sharing the information entered in the software.

The messaging system can be used to seek fast clarification from colleagues, as well as from clients and inspectors, organizing each conversation according to the relevant job.

Important information and documents are always available and updated online in a confidential and secure way. Documents will also show their revision level and approval status.

Centralizing the planning of all inspection activities

With NotifyMe, Vendors keep the planning of all inspection activities within their company under control, from issuing certificates, to the preparation of material, checking the availability of plant equipment, and ensuring inspector attendance.

The calendar of the activities is shared selectively with the colleagues involved, safeguarding the confidentiality of the information.

Improving the management of the areas of concern

The Action Items enable to enhance the follow-up of any issues raised during a Pre-Inspection Meeting or during an inspection. Punch lists and non-conformities are kept under constant control, and the information is available to those involved until the end of each project.


NotifyMe is an innovative software designed to  simplify the coordination and control of inspections in the Oil and Gas industry.

With NotifyMe Vendors take advantage of a standardized process and have a high degree of control over their inspection management.

During each inspection, Customers are comforted by knowing that their Vendors are reliable and efficient, and their projects are in safe hands!

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