CQS Inspekt delivers a better service with NotifyMe

We bring you an interview with Ivan Bakos, Senior Inspector and manager at CQS Inspekt. Ivan shares his experience about NotifyMe and how it helps him in managing his daily activities. Check it out to find out how Ivan uses the software in his work!

Can you tell us about your daily routine at work? How do you organize it?

“I am constantly on the go, and I visit a different vendor every day. That’s why, it is of the highest importance for me to have all the information I need to carry out my work available when I look for it in my laptop.

NotifyMe helps me to make this easy – it synchronizes the folders on my hard disk with my coordinators’ files and documents. All I have to do is connect my laptop to the internet, and all necessary documents, including the inspection reports of any previous inspection, are automatically downloaded and synchronized on my hard disk.”

Next question, if you were to advise an Inspector working for an inspection company, what would it be?

“The most important thing is to prepare in advance for the inspection, reading the documents and understanding the clients’ requirements prior to going into the vendor’s workshop.”

How did you find out about NotifyMe?

“It was through one of the inspectors I met at one vendor; he had the same problems that I experienced every day, and he suggested that i try NotifyMe out.”

How do you use NotifyMe – is using our software beneficial to you and in what way?

“The NotifyMe desktop app installed on my laptop provides me with a calendar that’s always up-to-date, to help me organize my inspection visits in advance. Also, I can view the related documents and I can submit my report and timesheets to the coordinators with just one click.

The best thing about this desktop app, is that it also works offline and I don’t need to be connected to the internet all of the time, which is sometimes hard when I am at vendors’.”

Who would you recommend NotifyMe to and why?

“This software is the best choice for free lance or employed inspectors. I would also recommend it to Inspection Companies of any size.”

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