Inspecteam delivers a better service with NotifyMe

We bring you an interview with Giuliana Sacchetti, Operations Manager of Inspecteam. Giuliana shares her experience about NotifyMe TPI and how it helps her in managing her daily activities. Check it out to find out how Giuliana uses the software in her work!

Can you tell us about your daily routine at work? How do you organize it?

“I’m a big fan of time-blocking and generally organize my daily routine. NotifyMe TPI helps me focus on what matters and schedule my daily work, because all activities need to do every day are managed within the software. I can process clients’ requests directly on NotifyMe TPI and plan the work of the inspectors from the requests throughout the coordination cycle (assignment confirmation, report approval and submission to the clients), all with a single software.

NotifyMe TPI plays a big role in keeping me organized on a daily basis.“

Next question, if you were to advise an Operations Manager working for an inspection company, what would it be?

“My advice to Operation Managers would be to prioritize building flawless procedures to communicate with your team. Knowing exactly what’s going on is the currency that matters most in business. When it is low, speed goes down and cost goes up.

Learn how to communicate efficiently with your team. I believe this is the key to growing a successful, thriving business and maintaining a healthy company culture.”

How did you find out about NotifyMe TPI?

“Along with the other staff members at Inspecteam, I have contributed greatly to testing and helping write the requirements and specifications that have been implemented into NotifyMe by the software development team. Over a period of 4 years I have used the software intensively and have suggested most improvement based on my experience and needs.”

How do you use NotifyMe TPI – is using our software beneficial to you and in what way?

“Not only does NotifyMe provide the coordination and planning functionality we need, it has drastically improved our processes. Having all information available in a single place and updated in real-time makes it easy for us to keep a higher level of transparency with our clients.

Additionally, our business model requires us to keep a close eye on the timesheets for each of our clients. Before using NotifyMe, it was difficult to keep up with the assignments and sometimes we happened to forget to invoice some of the activities we had carried out.

With NotifyMe, we receive reports from our inspectors, free lancers or employees, though an automated service and we are much more efficient in approving and sending the reports on time to our clients.“

Who would you recommend NotifyMe to and why?

“I would highly recommend NotifyMe to Inspection Companies and companies providing services that are project-based or billed hourly and who have a need for keeping timesheets and expenses under control. NotifyMe is the ideal tool for persons with my role in a business organization.”

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