Agreement reached with J24 Pilgrim: NotifyMe is the new technical sponsor

There will be a new technical sponsor for J24 Pilgrim, which will soon change its name into NotifyMe – Pilgrim as of the J24 National Regatta at the Naval Academy International Sailing Week and Livorno City 2018.

The sailboat will have two NotifyMe logos placed mirror-like on both sides of the hull, and another one in the middle of the sail.

The NotifyMe Business Development Director Gianluca Mazza expressed his satisfaction: “We are extremely pleased with this partnership because we are closely connected by mutual esteem and a shared passion for the values of teamwork. This is an important sponsorship that will see us tied together this season with the aim of crossing new finishing lines together, both in and out of the water”.

One of the main features of the innovative NotifyMe software is, in fact, the possibility of closely collaborating with your team, easily defining rules and responsibilities in order to improve the quality of work.

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